Our Mission

"To provide business owners

an easy to use tool to manage

cash flows, taxes, overhead expenses,

and ensure dividends are consistently

paid to the owner."

Does predicting your business cash flow seem impossible?

All successful entreprenuers feel this way

As a small business owner, I was always well acquainted with the accounting softwares required to stay within GAAP regulations, but these softwares didn't answer the question I needed most - What are my current cash flows?

Do you feel like you're lacking the visibility you need?

It doesn't have to be this way

Our proprietary cash flow software gives you the relevant information to manage your business cash flow by spending an average of 30 minutes a month

Utilizing the SPFP Software Will:

Optimize Allocation Percentages: Dividends, Officer's Compensation, Taxes, and Overhead Expenses

Guide you to drie financials to your goals

Enable YOU to thrive by eliminating nasty tax surprises and guaranteeing your financial visiblity

Help you easily make future business decisions by spending only 30 minutes a month running your customized cash flow system

Graphically depict your allocations and progress toward your goals while showing you financial trend-lines of your owner's compensation, overhead expenses, taxes, and owner's dividends relative to gross revenue

Input your data for real-time analysis anytime, without having to wait on a CPA or bookkeeper

Our Story

Nathan Wilson

Profitability Advisor &
Certified Tax Specialist™

About Me

When it comes to entreprenuership, it takes one to know one.

I founded my first corporation over 25 years ago.

In addition to being a business owner, I'm a Certified Tax Specialist™, investment advisor, and consultant to small business owners and CPAs.

I have a passion for entreprenuership, I own four enterprises in:
- Investments
- Insurance
- Real Estate
- Profit Consulting
In every one of these ventures, I use the SPFP cash flow management software.

The software works for me managing four enterprises, it will work for you:

Get clarity! That's what Simply Profitable Financial Programs is all about.

Get Started by Receiving Active Insight Today!

It's always an excellent idea for any entrepreneur to learn more about how to significantly increase profits and live your best life!

Active Insight (AI) identifies financial opportunities as an initial first step.

(AI) will illustrate the value of our Bottom Line cash flow management system to you and your company.

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Our Software

Our cash flow management software is made for small business owners - check it out!

SPFP Software Demo

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"Managing a business with the Profit & Loss report is like driving a car while looking through the rearview mirror"

— Nathan Wilson

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